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18 Professionals experienced our new business simulation 2020™ – achieving sustainable change. During this full day session we challenged the team to realize a complex organizational change.Two sub-teams were formed. One team managed the operational processes of the ‘Union’ – Four countries operating a value chain of interdependent industries delivering value and generating revenue. The other sub-team formed the ‘Union commission’, a team who wanted to realize a complex change to the value chain. initiatiing programs of change that needed to be embedded in the operation. People needed to change the way they worked. Very quick a feeling of them and us exsited. Change goals were unclera, communication fragmented and too late. Frustration and resistance soon became evident and some heated feedback the the change team ‘in their ivory tower, detached from the reality of the shop-floor!’ The team experienced critical success and fail factors associated with managing organizational change programs and initiatives. Feedback was:

  • This simulation shows how difficult it is to apply the principles of Kotter
  • I wanted to run the next round, it was so realistic
  • I realized that it’s a big challenge to combine program, process and change management
  • This make you realize the importance of creating, understanding and agreeing the sense of urgency and taking time to answer the question ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • The simulation helped show the importance of the ‘management of change’ capabilities

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