The Challenge of Egypt™ – Project Management

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  • Explore Project Management best practice
  • Increase Project Value
  • Get more out your Project Management training
  • Improve Team Work


Do you recognize this?

52% of the projects fail. How? We trained our employees, employees passed the Prince2® certification, we implemented the Project Management Frameworks but we still run out off budget, finish to late and we take too many risks.

Why is this?

  1. Most of the training is focused on getting certified, which means, “Train to pass the exam”. But we forget to teach the students how to apply the theory in day-to-day work.
  2. We implemented the Frameworks, but we did not train new behavior, we did not define a shared picture how we all see the way we run our projects.
  3. We did not implement learning cycles. We did not learn from each project closure. the lessons learned are NOT shared with the other colleagues.

“After running the Challenge of Egypt™ we now have a clear picture of how we like to run our projects. We explore the key roles, the key processes and the Key behaviors. We used the action list in our day-to-day work.”

About this Challenge of Egypt™

Scenario We are in the old ancient Egypt time. The Pharaoh asked the leader of the steering group to build a nice Pyramid to secure his afterlife. The steering group assigns a Project Leader and a project team to execute the project. The team has to deal with all kind events to keep the project within Scope, Quality, Budget and Time. The requires managing work packages, managing risks, managing tolerances et cetera. But be prepared. The Pharaoh comes with a great idea, but be aware of the impact in the project.

Objectives Each of the simulations will be customized towards your own objectives. But in general these are the main objectives:


  • Learn how to apply Project Management best practices and learn the essence of Prince2®, PMI®, PMBOK®
  • Learn how to make sure the business case is realized
  • Learn how to stay customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer requirements
  • Develop communications and team competences.

Duration of the simulation     : 1 day

Number of participants          : 8 – 12

Basic expertise                        : No specific knowledge about Project Management

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