Communication & Collaboration in the age of COVID

Published on Monday 22 June 2020 by in News with no comments

COVID has increased the need for, and highlighted the difficulties of end-to-end communication and collaboration skills.

Even before COVID these were signalled on top required skills in this age of ‘New Ways of Working’ driven by ‘Digital and Agile Transformation’ initiatives.

Since COVID we have seen an enormous growth in requests for ONLINE simulations to help teams develop these skills and to use ONLINE simulations and simulation exercises to made online training more fun and more interactive.

In the past 12 weeks Jan and myself have conducted more than 100 online workshops using The Phoenix Project (DevOps), MarsLander full (ITSM/ITIL4) and MarsLander exercises (support high level ITIL4 courseware) with organizations across the globe.

If you want to know more about these simulations. Here is a brief overview of the offerings.

This article ‘Advice for Common Remote Communication and Collaboration Issues’ reveals some of the challenges and discoveries around Remote collaboration as discovered in a series of recent MarsLander sessions.

If you are interested in adding these simulations into your training or organizational change initiatives and offereings let us know.

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