GamingWorks signs agreement with APMG

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GamingWorks has signed an agreement with APMG International. The aim of the agreement is to promote (Initially in India) the effectiveness of simulations in enhancing peoples’ ability to apply the knowledge and skills they develop after undertaking a professional training course.

GamingWorks and APMG both see ‘experiential learning’ and simulations as powerful methods to supplement the training courses provided by the APMG accredited training organizations (ATOs). These simulations help delegates apply the knowledge they have gained during training in the areas of IT Service Management, Project Management, Cyber Security/Resilience and a host of other qualifications.

A powerful solution

The question often arises ‘Are simulations simply nice-to-have additions to make training more fun and create awareness, or are they need-to-have learning instruments to help translate knowledge into results’? A GamingWorks survey clearly reveals the benefits gained by Customer organizations. In a simulation session held with ITIL practitioners, 100% of the delegates confirmed: ‘This is a no brainer….simulations should be a mandatory part of best practice training’.

A powerful fit

There is a strong fit between the GamingWorks portfolio of simulations and the Best practices portfolio offered by the APMG ATO community. GamingWorks is continually innovating to ensure their simulations are aligned to the latest developments within the Best practices.

The initial focus of the agreement is for the ‘Apollo 13 – An ITSM Case experience’ simulation, which helps participants improve their ’ ITSM capabilities’, sharpen their focus on customer services and get more out of their ITSM/ITIL training. The simulation is also designed to help participants improve processes to realize demonstrated value and reduce business risks

The Challenge of Egypt simulation helps participants improve their ‘Project Management capabilities’ and can be used to supplement Prince2 , Agile Project management and Prince2Agile Qualifications.

The Oceans99 simulation helps participants improve their Cyber security and Cyber resilience awareness and capabilities and can be used to supplement the Cyber security qualifications from both APMG and Axelos.

The Grab@Pizza simulation helps participants improve their Business & IT alignment capabilities and can be used to supplement BRM and CoBIT qualifications.

The CarWorks simulation helps participants improve their ‘Lean capabilities’ and can be used to supplement the Lean IT qualifications.

India Roadshow

The initial focus of the partnership is in India. As Suresh GP the GamingWorks regional partner manager explains ‘’Together with APMG we will be delivering a series of roadshows in which ATOs can come and experience first hand the benefits of simulations and discover how to add simulations to their offerings. I will be supporting and enabling ATOs with Train the trainer programs or if ATOs do not wish to invest in their own trainers I can support them with delivery capabilities utilizing GamingWorks accredited trainers. I will also be helping ATOs integrate the simulations into their offerings.”

Global deployment

The aim is to eventually roll the agreement out across the globe. If you want to know how the agreement can be extended your region please contact your regional APMG account representative.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the agreement between APMG and GamingWorks or want more information on how to add simulations to your offerings contact

If you are an Indian based organization wanting to know more about the agreement, or want more information on how to add simulations to your offerings or want to attend a demonstration of a simulation then contact



About Gaming Works

GamingWorks is a Dutch based company that develops and deploys Serious Business Simulations through a global Partner Network. The company was founded in 2003 by Paul Wilkinson and Jan Schilt. GamingWorks also has regional representatives.

About APMG

APMG-International is a global examination institute. Its portfolio of qualifications includes AgilePM®, Change Management, COBIT® 5, ITIL®, and PRINCE2®. APMG-International works in partnership with a network of Accredited Training Organizations all of which have undergone the most rigorous assessment process in the industry. During the past 20 years APMG-International has worked with over 550 Accredited Training Organizations and Product Owners across the globe. Over 1.3 million candidates from 100+ countries have taken an APMG accredited exam in 21 languages. Our examinations are rigorous, challenging and consistent, so candidates can be proud of their achievement.

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