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‘DevOps’, just like ‘Digital Transformation’ seems to be one of the ‘Buzzword Bingo’ catchphrases, both of them being widely (mis)interpreted in the market, both of them becoming ‘mainstream’ reality….Oh another buzzword ‘mainstream’. You have to use this one if you want to create a sense-of-urgency for something you want to promote!

It also seems to be that anybody who can spell ‘DevOps’ is now qualified to write a blog about it….like me 🙂

However this isn’t so much a blog as a reference to blogs and articles we, or our partners have posted on other sites.

These are blogs and articles containing practical, pragmatic key learning points that organizations discover during the ‘Phoenix Project’ DevOps business simulation. Since being developed the simulation has been played across the globe.

Still there are many organizations who think a simulation is a ‘nice-to-have’ addition to a training initiative. Looking at the discoveries made in many of these blogs I would argue that a simulation should be a ‘need-to-have’ addition, especially if we are serious about changing culture, fostering collaboration and communication and giving teams ‘continual learning and improvement’ skills. Judge for your self.

GamingWorks insights:

5 team skills that make DevOps success – DevOps is all about effective teams. These are Jan Schilt’s captured learning take-aways from multiple global organizations. Posted on

If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there – ‘What is DevOps’? and ‘Should we care’? Two common questions from decision makers. This shows how one team discovered and agreed some fundamental principles. Posted on ITChronicles.

Lessons learned about ‘Continuous learning’ – a core, critical component of DevOps success is ‘Continual learning and experimentation’ a key learning point in the simulation. The simulation allows people to test and experiment with these skills.

People – Install a fix, upgrade or re-boot  – a tongue in cheek look at some of the behavior changes required to enable DevOps. Posted on ITWnet.

Partner Insights:

These are just some of the experiences posted by Partners. I apologize if I have missed a partner resource. If you are a partner and you have a blog, article or case study you want to promote let us know and we will add it.

Using games to make DevOps theory more ‘practical’ – Many DevOps courses impart ‘Theory’. The trick is translating theory into ‘practice’. These are experiences from Suresh GP, TAUB solutions, using the simulation as part of DevOps Institute foundation courses. Posted on

DevOps & People, engaging for success – with quotes on the value of the simulation to Support DASA and LITA training. Posted on Quint website

The Ultimate DevOps experience – ‘This is so frighteningly similar to my daily work environment! And it gives me real, tangible instruments I can use tomorrow’. Posted on Sogeti site.

DevOps from philosophy towards best practice – Using ServiceNow to support teams with Visual Management and workflow. Posted on the Plat4mation website.

What’s the role of simulation gaming in your training plan – Nice to have or need to have? Posted on HPE website.

Phoenix Project at UCAS – ‘…it might’ve taken the company months or years to realise that they were really missing something in their everyday work’. Posted on Ranger4 website.

Oman government: Critical success factors for digital transformation – ‘This was the best workshop I have ever attended’ declared one delegate. ‘We must incorporate more experiential learning into our programs’.

If you are interested in running a Phoenix project simulation within your organization contact one of our global partners.

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